Automate Your Inbox!
Automation Power Of GoHighLevel and Connectivity Of Google's OAuth2.0
Completely automate sending from Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, and over 10 other email providers, and sync replies with your GoHighLevel CRM!

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I got in on [the] system. It's legit easy and not only helps with deliverability, but actually pulls outside emails into the unified inbox. Take a look at it...

Danny, MMG Beta User


Just wanted to give a huge shoutout to the team for creating this app! I was dealing with major headaches with Mailgun, delivery issues, getting complaints from clients saying their email was going to spam. I signed up for My Mail Genius and it works incredibly well. And their team is providing awesome hands-on support!

Gary, MMG Beta User


Been playing with My Mail Genius and getting our emails to land in inboxes - huge delivery improvement over Mailgun. Excited to roll it out to our clients! Oh, and props to the team for all their help. I'm more creative than technical, so I keep messing up, but they're super patient with me lol!

Suzanne, MMG Beta User

Flexible Plans

We base our pricing on how many Email User accounts you want connected at one time, and each subscription is valid for a single GoHighLevel location (sub-account)! There are no daily sending limits imposed by us, because our app must simply comply with Gmail's sending limits, as well as the daily sending limits for all other email providers!

Single Sender
$12 /Month

Includes 1 Email User account on one GHL Location!

$49 /Month

Includes 5 Email User accounts on one GHL Location!

$79 /Month

Includes 10 Email User accounts on one GHL Location!

Outreach - Pro
$297 /Month

Includes 50 Email User accounts on one GHL Location!


Yes! This app will work with any Google Workspace or personal Gmail account.

Yes, however please note that every email provider has it's own daily sending limits that you must comply with, such as Gmail's daily sending limits

That is a very long and technically complicated answer, which we have a whole video dedicated to! To try and make it as simple as possible to explain, OAuth2.0 is a protocol that allows you to authenticate as a user rather than a domain or organization. With SMTP, the email server must validate the domain of the sender by checking a permanent record in the DNS. With OAuth2.0, the application (My-Mail-Genius) verifies the user instead, and the server verifies the application in a separate, unrelated process. This makes sending via the API much more secure, but also requires each individual member of an organization to verify their own identity, rather than simply verifying the domain one time.

There are many factors that contribute to if your email lands in the inbox or if it is marked as spam, and the method in which the user authenticates is only one of those factors. Email clients also take into account your overall domain reputation, your sending pattern, volume, and many other factors. We can say confidently that when using this app internally for email marketing against other similar SMTP apps, we saw a significant increase in deliverability.

Please contact us if you need more than the max plan allows for by emailing